Although this allowed the normally photo insensitive cells to

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cheap canada goose canada goose black friday Using optogenetics to cure blindness is not a novel idea. Researchers in the past have expressed a popular optogenetic tool named channelrhodopsin in bipolar cells. Although this allowed the normally photo insensitive cells to respond to light, the technique had some big caveats. Channelrhodopsin requires an immense amount of light to become active. Bipolar cells expressing channelrhodopsin needed roughly 1015 photons/scm to be activated. To put that into perspective, it is equivalent to being outside in a field of snow on a sunny day. That much light isn’t sustainable or healthy for the cells. Not only does it require bright light, but the scientists had to introduce molecules into the bipolar cells that weren’t normally there. The molecular machinery necessary to make channelrhodopsin work isn’t normally present in bipolar cells. It is far less efficient to introduce novel molecules and pathways into a cell than it is to hijack part of the cells natural processes. canada goose black friday

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