The Pageantry will be phenomenal

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Canada Goose Outlet On Kate Middletons Royal Wedding day itself the spectacle is expected to eclipse that of even the most lavish celebrities and even put Diana and Charles into the shadows. The Pageantry will be phenomenal. All guests will be escorted through the courtyard where they will be greeted by Royal Guards and will be expected to have their photo taken whilst the guards have their swords drawn in uniform. Kate Middleton is expected to be accompanied by her father in a classic Rolls Royce, maybe a silver shadow, but this remains unclear. As she arrives she will hear the sounds of trumpets and the glow of flashing lights, with the world waiting to catch a glimpse. Kate will walk arm in arm with her father down the aisle as the classical orchestra will play a set piece in marching formation whilst the bridesmaids move the procession through the Abbey to the altar. These young royals and family friend swill be in charge of setting the pace for the short walk up the aisle. Once in place, the ceremony will begin. This is expected to be standard procedure here, with nothing out of the ordinary added in, with the vows being exchanged and the choir singing in the background Canada Goose Outlet.

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