“I was in fourth place until the last event in Austria

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canada goose outlet sale He was Scottish champion in 2008, rode in the British championship in 2009 and 2010.In 2011 and 2012, he raced in the Spanish championship, picking up his fair share of podiums under the wing of the Racing Steps Foundation for young riders before moving on to the world championhip in 2013. Now, at the grand old age of 23 he has been racing in the Moto3 series for five years.Riding a 250cc Honda, he is the one and only member of the British Talent Team set up to bring on young British riders in the face of increasing competition from Spanish and Italian riders.Heading into this weekend’s action at Silverstone, John is sitting in sixth place. “I was in fourth place until the last event in Austria, when I got taken out by another rider,” he said.”But there are seven races to go so we are definitely in the fight at the minute and this weekend we’re at our home track.”Lucky escape: Scots biker hit in the head after horror smash but comes away with minor injuriesIt is the only UK event in the series, which has seen John travel the world competing in 18 races in 13 countries in the motorbike equivalent of Formula One.It is a sport that many parents would perhaps discourage their offspring from pursuing.John laughed: “In general, if you are not crashing at least two times every weekend, your team tell you you’re not trying hard enough. canada goose outlet sale

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