Stephen Starr sold the Starr catering wing two years ago

In addition to concentrating on improving DTNA’s diversity, Platt is also focused on growing the Western Star brand’s success within the organization. She has a plan to grow market share from about 3.4% to more than 8% by 2025. With the recent additions of the 5700XE and 4700, Western Star now boasts the broadest product portfolio in its history.

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Canada Goose Outlet Just a quick thing here: Stephen Starr was not responsible for any part of the disaster called the Fyre Festival. I going to say this again for all those news outlets out there that are still blaming the man: Philly restaurateur Stephen Starr had nothing to do with the shit food offered to the guest/hostages at last week clusterfuck of a music festival. Stephen Starr sold the Starr catering wing two years ago. Canada Goose Outlet

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