Council members were told that the clause is part of a 1991

The protest was boisterous but peaceful, with police officers lining the route in this city’s Uptown area. Officers watched but did not arrest about two dozen participants who locked arms and sat in front of the Bank of America headquarters. More than 500 demonstrators railed against war, immigration policy and Wall Street, among other topics, hoisting signs with messages like “Bail Out the People Not the Banks.”.

cheap Canada Goose Saying they would do what it takes, even if it means suing, council members voted unanimously to invoke a right of first refusal clause that they say Volusia County holds over the Deltona utility system. Council members were told that the clause is part of a 1991 contract with Florida Water.County and city officials say they don’t want Deltona’s residents at the mercy of a government agency based hundreds of miles away and not governed by the Public Services Commission Cheap Canada Goose, which regulates private utility providers.”I’m feeling pretty aggressive about this,” County Council member Big John said. “We’ve got the county’s queen city at stake.”For Deltona, Volusia’s most populous city, buying the Florida Water Services utility system means big money for the city and more control in planning its future, Mayor John Masiarczyk said.Florida Water Services would not comment on the council’s decision Thursday, said Lisa Lochridge, who works for a public relations firm representing the company.A 1991 agreement says that if Florida Water Services gets an offer to buy Deltona’s utility then the county can match that offer Canada Goose, according to a memo from Deputy County Manager Ray Pennebaker.The agreement has a provision that gives Florida Water Services the ability to cancel that clause, but only if it gives notice two years in advance, according to the memo Canada Goose Outlet, which also says that Florida Water provided that notice in May.The county doesn’t want to own the system, council member Ann McFall said. cheap Canada Goose

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